Monday, June 30, 2008

Movin On Down

This was taken just before we left the house as a family for the last time.

As exhaustion swept over me today, I promised myself I would be in bed by this time tonight. But I couldn't get you blog checkers out of my mind. I imagined you daily checking for any sign of a Dixon update and couldn't bear to let you down yet again so I am pressing on until I feel you have been sufficiently informed of our current status.

Last week we said goodbye to our friends and our home in Cookeville to embark on a new chapter in the life of our family. While we will miss our friends dearly, we were also excited about this new beginning and happy to finally be making the move. Naturally a few tears were shed, but we couldn't be more confident that Tuscaloosa is where God wants us to be right now. There is much joy in that confidence. We moved into our new home on Saturday. Needless to say there has been and still is ALOT of work to do just to get organized and settled. Thankfully, we had the good sense not to buy a "fixer upper" as we have in the past. So, Duane won't get to show the people of Tuscaloosa his mad skills at home remodeling, but he did paint a castle in Noah's room (it's going to be a Narnia room - his new obsession). We love our house and our neighborhood, but most importantly the people at the church have been very nice and welcoming. We've been invited to eat with 3 different families already. The kids are doing great (with the move that is - general attitudes could stand some improvement :)! ) Sophia will be crawling very soon and says dada WAY more than she says mama, which I think is one of the more serious injustices in our world today. I will try to keep up with my posts better once I have my own computer set up and don't want to cry everytime I walk into the office, which has caught most of the junk we don't know what to do with yet. Sorry for the long post, but moving to another state IS kindof a big deal.

Some picture from our "goodbye" parties.

Our new house! You'll be waiting a while for pics of the inside. :)

Sophia finally grabbed a sword and started defending herself! Go girl.

Today was actually Duane's first day of work. This is his "first day of work" picture.

And this little sunshine just makes me smile.


Holly said...

Great pics!! So glad you updated! Love the new house and can't wait to see the inside! Give the kids a squeeze for me! Love you!

Tara said...

Yeah for pictures and updates! Can't wait to see the house in person. By the way, Ansley and Sophia look more alike everytime I see her. Love you lots!

Jamie :) said...

So glad to hear you made it!! I cann't believe how big Sophia is looking! She is just too cute, as well as the boys too! :) Love the house! Can't wait to see pics of the inside!

apc24_13_21 said...

I love your new page layout! And congrats on the move. Hope things continue to go smoothly for you. As crazy as this sounds, there is something fun about decorating a new house and claiming it as your own. Have fun with it and don't stress - it will get done eventually. Your kids are beautiful and growing up so fast! Sophia is looking more and more like a little girl every time I see her. So sweet!

CNS said...

Love the sword picture.

Cute house!