Friday, February 24, 2012

week in pictures...

taken from my upstairs bathroom window :)

super special belated valentine's date.  i married an AMAZING man.

flowers from that AMAZING husband - gives me spring fever!  80 degrees in February contributes to that, too!

counting down until easter...

Monday, February 13, 2012

daddy - daughter valentine

at this point she didn't even know what the card said - 
she was just THAT excited to get a note from her dad :)

she had to take her purse - where else would they stash candy??

tonight was supposed to be a date night for me and duane.  we had babysitters lined up and duane had a host of surprises planned - or so he claims :).  but, alas, selah woke up with a fever this morning and we had to postpone the whole thing.  as disappointing as that was, i'm pretty sure i got just as much, if not more, joy from helping sophia take a bath, curl her hair, put on her chapstick and sweet smelly lotion, pick out just the right outfit, and pack her purse full of candy for a date with her daddy.  that sweet girl often gets overlooked because she's not a baby anymore but she's also not a big kid with a demanding school load or sports schedule.  she felt special tonight, and that makes for a wonderful valentine's gift for this mommy.  i'll gladly share the best thing that ever happened to me with my little girl who is becoming more like me than i'm comfortable with sometimes!  happy valentine's day!