Thursday, November 13, 2008

Months of the year and Psalm 6

Here's Noah saying his memory work for school, Micah saying the months of the year in his best Alabama accent, and Sophia figuring out how to turn on the water. My children are geniuses :). Just kidding. Sort of.

forced to "update"

If this update seems rather dull, it's because I've been pressured by some people whose names will go unmentioned to "update". The truth is the last couple of weeks have been delightfully uneventful for the most part. October was CRAZY and November is thankfully slower. So for those 2 or 3 of you who need your Dixon kid fix, here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure :).

Sophia loves bathtime!

Micah was so tired that he fell asleep in his dinner :(. He's in that stage where some days he needs a nap and other days he doesn't. I obviously didn't read his cues very well on this particular day!

The Dixon boys actually had time wash cars on Saturday. This was a first for Noah and Micah. They had fun.


Ansley the clone trooper fairy

Tootsie Rolls clearly the front runner.

Me and my "I no longer desire to dress up like cute things such as furry animals and cartoon characters" 8 yr. old.

Bud and Ansley


Duane and his little ladybug

Best Fraaainds (according to Micah)

Noah had fun handing out candy to all the other kids too.

Grandy and Fia.

Nana and scary clone boy.

Micah is technically a Penguin from Mary Poppins, but since my boys (or I guess I should just say Noah) think they are too cool to watch Mary Poppins, he thinks he is just some random Penguin :).