Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yeah, that's right. Now that I have this little spy thing on my blog I can see all you posers who are checking the blog but not leaving comments. Show a sister some love yo! :)

Kentuck Art Festival

This past weekend mom and dad came down and we all went to this great art festival that was held in our little town of Northport. We had a fun visit and are looking forward to seeing them again next weekend for Ty's birthday!

Lunch at the Mellow Mushroom
Noah working with sandstone at the festival Something didn't go Micah's way :(

Grandy straightened him out.

Praise Babies!

Catching up

We've had a very busy October, and what's left of it isn't looking to be any slower. Noah has been playing soccer, which takes up 2 nights a week. Our sweet friends from Cookeville-Susan, Rhett, Paul, and Kathleen made the journey to spend a couple of nights with us. We had so much fun doing the slip and slide and visiting ChuckECheese! The kids just had a blast playing together. It was good to have a couple of days with familiar faces :). We made a trip to Fayetteville to see our cousins. We got to watch Andy-roo play football! It was fun except for the part where Micah was attacked by fire ants. Yes, attacked. He ended up with about 20 bites, but he was a trooper. Duane similarly experienced an ant attack - on his birthday :(. He was attacked by 3 ants, but you would've thought it was 100. He had a major reaction. It wasn't pretty. I think he's in the market for an epi-pen.
Could she BE any cuter?????

Happy 1st Birthday Sophia!!

I can't believe I'm so late with the birthday pictures. Sophia turned 1 on October 9th. She had a small but fun party. It's hard to believe she's been with us for an entire year now, yet I can't imagine life without her. She lights up our days around here and we thank God for such a SWEET addition to our family.

Jamie and Katrina - Our sweet and only Tuscaloosan family members!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Here are a couple more recipes I wanted to share. One from and old friend and one from a new friend! I know the writing is small, but I'm hoping you can click on them and make them bigger. Oh, and serve the cobbler warm with vanilla ice cream! Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Sunday afternoon Noah came running upstairs out of breath to tell us that there was a snake in our back yard. So, as a lover of all of God's creatures, I looked at Duane and calmly said "kill it". He quickly gathered his shovel and hoe (the garden variety) and headed out back (he is so brave!). Only to discover the nasty creature was already dead. This however did not stop the disgusting males of my household from taking the opportunity for a photo shoot. Thought I'd share the joy.

Sophia's ready for Halloween

Noah and Sophia have a new game where he jumps out and scares her. Somehow it never gets old for either of them.


We are having what I understand to be "unseasonably cool" fall weather here in Tuscaloosa. It's got me all excited because I love fall. Yesterday the boys and I made some miniature caramel apples to celebrate! Micah ate them as fast as he could make them. Sophia ended up with a beautiful hairdo. And Noah is just goofy most of the time these days :).