Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Man's Junk....

This past weekend, my friend Anna and I held a garage sale at our church to raise money for our adoptions. Many people donated stuff and helped out. Thanks everybody! We raised over $1600 dollars!
Who would have thought all this junk was worth that much?

Anna putting out our hot pink signs the night before the sale. I got the easy job of driving the getaway car!

Up at 5:00 and at the church by 6:00. I think it was already 100 degrees when we got there.

Glisa was so sweet to come help us out on Friday morning.

Noah and Riley had a drink and cookie table. They raised almost $100 dollars!

This is just a sample of what you missed out on if you didn't show up to shop!

Remember Alf??

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Late Easter Post

Since I left my camera in TN, I never posted pics from Easter. We had a great lunch with the Dreyfus family after church, followed by an awesome egg hunt!

Micah had a little "accident" while we were there, thus the borrowed clothes and shorts with white socks and brown shoes :). To top it off he had to use a halloween bag to hunt eggs b/c I didn't bring their baskets!
City kid easter egg hunts!

Someone clearly swiped one of her eggs.

Found an egg with money in it, I'm sure.

Sophia and her buddy Owen.

Already can't be serious around pretty girls.

The whole gang. Two Easters from now this picture will include two little beauties from Ethiopia!!!

The traditional egg dying extravaganza.

Micah : The next chapter

It started something like this - "Micah, can you go throw this diaper in the trash?".

Then there was a flush

And it ended like this -

The End.

March Retro Blog

My camera was left at mom and dad's house for a long time and I am catching up. Here's what March looked like for Team Dixon.

In March:

Sophia got cuter. I'm sorry, but she did.

We got crazy at the zoo with our cousins.

We spent a day at our local children's museum followed by Qdoba and Cold Stone!

I got to have dinner and catch up with my homegirls in TN :)
We were celebrating Candice's birthday at Olive Garden.

We watched the precious Breedlove girls perform in Annie Jr.

What a fun month March was!