Monday, July 24, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006


OK, so now we're balancing cups. I guess next comes a stack of 10 china plates!

Micah is beginning to stand unassisted for little bits at a time. When he's doing it he looks at us like "I can't believe I'm doing this!" Noah continues to be loving toward him (most of the time). I know he is looking forward to the day when he can wrestle with him and just play without mom worrying he's being too rough. He already let's him be first mate on his imaginary sea voyages! It's so sweet the way that Micah just studies everything Noah does. He already thinks Noah is about the coolest thing ever. Hopefully we will be able to help Noah understand what enormous responsibility comes with that kind of admiration! It makes me regret the way I treated my siblings sometimes. Sorry guys. Hope the scars aren't too deep!

The only other exciting thing going on at our house is that someone is finally using that AB Lounge my parents gave me!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Big Top Baby

If there is one thing Micah is serious about it's food. Combine that passion with his new talent for blood curdling screams and you have an ear peircing dining experience - 3 times a day! We are diligently working with him to help him learn the sign language for "more" and "please" so that he can communicate with out the screaming. When he is feeling like humoring us he will do both signs, but his favorite thing to do with his hands is beat on his tray with both hands - while he screams at the TOP of his lungs. I really do think he eats more than I do! Tonight he entertained us all by balancing a spoon on his head. He finally got it to actually stay on his head and he was so proud. I'm thinking he's headed straight for the circus.
My mom and dad are celebrating their 30th Anniversary today! I'm so thankful for the example of love and commitment they are to us. I'm sure lot's of people thought they were crazy when they tied the knot at the ages of 18 and 16, but I think they were just crazy in love - and still are today. Aren't they just the best looking couple of grandparents you've ever seen?? Happy Anniversary Nana and Grandy!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


We had a good trip to Virginia for the 4th of July holiday. The old Honda didn't let us down. Everytime she died, she dutifully started right back up!! What more can you ask for? We got to spend a couple of days with Duane's family. Sorry no pics. The digital camera is being finicky so I used the 35 mm. Noah really enjoys visiting there. He is fascinated by the fact that Grandad is a big game hunter and delights in all of the camo and dead animals filling their beautiful house. Micah wasn't quite sure what to think of all of the exotic animals, but warmed up quite nicely once he discovered they didn't move.

So, we're driving along in the car somewhere around Knoxville and from the backseat I hear "Gum". I'm pretty sure I know what's goin' down, but I wait to see for sure. A couple of seconds later I hear in a little louder voice "GUM". I'm thinking to myself, "Seriously"? So, as I usually do when dealing with ridiculousness, I ignored him. As my 5 year old repeatedly makes a one word demand I'm thinking to myself, "Where have I gone wrong that he could think even for one nano second that this behavior was going to result in chewy goodness for him." He eventually realizes the error of his ways and adds please, so now we have GUM PLEASE, which was of course equally as unacceptable to his growingly frustrated mother. I couldn't take it any longer, so I put a halt to the ignoring tactic and explained to him that adding please on the end of rudeness didn't make it any less rude. Needless to say, there was no gum to be had by him. This is our battle right now. That quick wit that provides me with endless funny stories about Noah is also what is getting him into much trouble right now.

So, with that being how things typically go in my parenting experience, let me just share this. I get a newsletter called Focus on Your Child from Focus on the Family. Tonight I was reading an article written by a mom of two children. She shared this heartwarming story about how her three year old beat six holes into the wall trying to kill a fly with a hammer. OK, here's the part I need help with. She goes on to share that even though she was tempted to be upset, she wasn't. Not only was she not upset, but apparently came to these meaningful revelations - like right there. She realized that many times she had chosen to attack something with a hammer that could have been swatted with plastic, her Savior had spackled many holes in her life, she's often made mountains out of molehills, etc.. What is that?? Who does that?? I would just like to know if there is one mother reading this whose brain operates that way. If that had been me I can safely say I would not have been standing there searching for the life application of the holes in my wall. Unfortunately, rather than my mind becoming focused on my Savior, I would've been thinking my three year old was in need of one about now. So, the question is, can this lady be for real? I'd like to believe that she is a big, fat liar. But, I am faced with the reality that I have a lot to learn as a mom. I am totally inadequate and would fail miserably were it not for the help and grace of my God. So, as I go to bed in a few minutes, I will be once again praying for the wisdom, patience, and love I so desperately need Him to provide me with if I am to be the mother that my precious boys need me to be. And maybe, just maybe, someday I can write a super annoying article about how wise, patient, and loving I was in a potentially infuriating situation.