Friday, June 01, 2012

what a difference a year makes

One year ago today Selah officially became a Dixon!  We had to leave Ethiopia for Tanzania having not passed court.  The people on the plane with us as we were taking off surely had to wonder what in the world was wrong with the lady who couldn't stop sobbing.  But while in Tanzania visiting our friends we got news that we had passed court!  Holly made this cheesecake in celebration :) !

I don't think I've shared this before, but here is the raw, unedited footage (because who around here has time for editing?) of our first time meeting Selah - commonly referred to in the adoption community as "meetcha day". (you'll need to turn off the music at the bottom if you want to hear the sound)

In just one year God has turned this abandoned, scared, bald little girl into a spunky, opinionated, spoiled, hilarious little dancer with an awesome head of hair :).  So thankful to be a part of His plan for this little girl's life!


Megan said...

thanks for making me cry at the coffeeshop. beautiful video!

The Bridges said...

Thanks for sharing the raw footage! I love raw and transparent. That was so beautiful! I don't know that I could love your family any more, but if I could this would have increased my affections for the Dixons! What a story the Lord is writing with your lives!

April Hollingsworth said...


Shelby Grace said...

so sweet. loved getting the chance to get to know her better yesterday. :) call me anytime!