Sunday, July 16, 2006

Big Top Baby

If there is one thing Micah is serious about it's food. Combine that passion with his new talent for blood curdling screams and you have an ear peircing dining experience - 3 times a day! We are diligently working with him to help him learn the sign language for "more" and "please" so that he can communicate with out the screaming. When he is feeling like humoring us he will do both signs, but his favorite thing to do with his hands is beat on his tray with both hands - while he screams at the TOP of his lungs. I really do think he eats more than I do! Tonight he entertained us all by balancing a spoon on his head. He finally got it to actually stay on his head and he was so proud. I'm thinking he's headed straight for the circus.
My mom and dad are celebrating their 30th Anniversary today! I'm so thankful for the example of love and commitment they are to us. I'm sure lot's of people thought they were crazy when they tied the knot at the ages of 18 and 16, but I think they were just crazy in love - and still are today. Aren't they just the best looking couple of grandparents you've ever seen?? Happy Anniversary Nana and Grandy!


Tara said...

I love that picture of Micah! Mom and Dad aren't too shabby either. So glad we got to see you guys this weekend. Hope you aren't still sweating from yesterday. By the way, I found the board book in my bag! Oops!

Kristi said...

Too cute!