Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My stubborn will at last hath yielded

Well, anyone who knows me very well will not be surprised to know that my lack of blogging recently has been largely due to stubborness on my part! I know, big shocker. I still can't get my new camera to cooperate with my new computer, so rather than just use Duane's computer (which sits right next to my computer much of the time), I subconsiously refused to blog. Anyway, I repent and I'm back. Things haven't changed a whole lot around here in the last couple of months. I am 14 weeks pregnant now and feeling worlds better - Praise God! Noah is still doing well with homeschool and soccer and growing very tall. Micah is, well, Micah. One of his favorite hobbies is potty pacifier fishing. I've caught him more than once dipping his pacifier in the toilet and putting it in his mouth. Gives an all new meaning to "potty mouth". Also gives his mom more motivation to break the pacifier habit :). Duane is working hard and being the best dad and husband ever! Here are a few pictures to catch you up on the boys.

Micah loves Chili!

I found him playing in the dryer one day. Noah wanted to shut the door and turn it on. We decided against it.


Tara said...

Hooray for an update!!! I have been faithfully checking your blog, and it has at last paid off! I love the picture of Micah in the dryer. So classic. Love you!

Holly said...

I second Tara's comment!

That paci trick is nasty! I have caught Lucas on more than one occasion holding is food out for Titan, as a tease, only Titan gets a good lick on it, and Lucas pulls it back and eats it! Uh, gross! Nothing like doggy breath flavored food! Hope you liked my voicemail yesterday! Love you!