Monday, June 11, 2007

Beach Babies

We just returned from our annual trip to the beach with our family. This year my grandmother, NaNa, joined us along with my Aunt Karen, cousin Sarah and her husband Houston. The only one missing was brother John, who had to stay behind and work :( . The boys had a great time. Noah loved the beach and pool as usual and Micah developed a love for both as well. As I expected, he had very little fear of either! All of the extra adult hands were great to have around! The boys were able to spend some q.t. with their cousins Ty and Ansley and all were spoiled royally by their Nana and Grandy. A big thanks goes out to mom and dad for making the trip possible.
check out what angels the boys were in the car. micah even fell asleep with his bible :)

the annual trip to Dawson's Ice Cream

Sweet baby Ansley soaking up the shade

Ty decided it would be fun to coat himself with sand

Noah being goofy, big shocker!

Look out David Hasselhoff!

Noah did a great job burying his daddy in the sand

The ladies of Seaside


Jamie :) said...

What great pictures! Your boys are growing up so fast!!! I guess next summer you will have to add baby GIRL Dixon to the mix!! Any names?? :)

Holly said...

Ok, why can't I see the last 6 pictures??? I keep reopening and nothing but little red x's!! Help me out man!

Delfina said...

Interesting to know.