Thursday, September 13, 2007


While Micah has been unofficially "2" for a while now :), today made it official. I started first thing this morning telling him happy birthday and for the rest of the day he's gone around saying "Happy Day". He's also trying so hard to hold up just 2 fingers when he says "2", but he just can't quite get it. He had a fun time with his friends at CBS this morning and we had a small celebration tonight with cake and presents. I'm pretty sure, however, that his favorite part of the day was playing in the dirt with Noah and Daddy. As the cake maker and gift purchaser/wrapper, I'm trying not to be offended that I was overshadowed by DIRT. Such is the life of the mother of boys I suppose.

I have a hard time believing our little miracle Micah has been here for 2 years. God is so good and so faithful. I am guilty of taking that for granted so often. We are thankful for the 2 precious years we've had with Micah and pray for many more. While he is very challenging at times, even that mostly stems from the fact that he is just loving life! Of course I hope the challenging part fades away and the loving life part remains :). What? A girl can dream can't she?


Celeste said...

Ican't believe he is 2. What a handsome boy!

Holly said...

Mmmmmmm, are those malted milk balls?? He he! Yummy looking cake! He's too cute! Micah and Lucas need to hang out! My schedule is about to change and I won't be working on Wednesdays and David comes to Cookeville on Wednesdays so maybe I can hitch a ride one week and come hang out????