Thursday, December 06, 2007

long week!

Well, it's been a long week for we Dixons. Micah got sick last weekend and ended up having roseola. About the time that he recovered, Noah got sick. Not sure yet if it's roseola. After being stuck in the house all week, last night pandemonium broke loose while I was cooking dinner. Sophia was screaming, Noah was puking (on our new rug), and Micah was eating toothpaste (something he does any chance he gets - and yes I know that's very bad). Anyway, last week was a good week, so I'll just blog about it :). After some very trying times since the baby was born, Duane and I decided to put Micah in mother's day out on Fridays so that I could have a day to run some errands and regain my sanity :). Here's a typical situation I might find Micah in at home: (I didn't take the time to get my camera when I found him hanging from the top shelf of the closet.)I wasn't sure how he would respond to mother's day out, but he did great and seemed to be excited about it. Here he is getting ready to go:

And here are a couple of newer pics of sweet Sophia and Noah
(props to my Holly on the adorable dress in the first picture)

We are looking forward to a healthy week next week!


Tara said...

Someday he will use all that energy for a good cause! I hope you live to see it despite his attempts to send you to an early grave! All three of my nephews/niece are adorable! I miss them much!

Holly said...

Cute pics! Glad she got to wear the dress! I love that!!! Sorry you had such a rough week! I think that was a good move putting Micah in the mother's day out! You do have to have some time! Don't feel like he is out of the ordinary, Lucas pulled the tree towards him to get an ornament that was suppose to be out of reach and the tree topper fell off and broke. Everyday he looks at me and says, "broke santa" and then laughs when I pout! Carson unrolled a roll of toilet paper and wrapped all his animals up in the paper because, "they were cold"! Boys! Gotta love them!

Jamie :) said...

Just SOOO glad to hear that someone else has a BOY who is as mischievous as mine!! Carson is not doubt going to be the death of me!! So I feel your pain sister!! Holly's comment is one of the milder ~ less harmful stories! :) Ready for number 4 yet???