Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catching up

We've had a very busy October, and what's left of it isn't looking to be any slower. Noah has been playing soccer, which takes up 2 nights a week. Our sweet friends from Cookeville-Susan, Rhett, Paul, and Kathleen made the journey to spend a couple of nights with us. We had so much fun doing the slip and slide and visiting ChuckECheese! The kids just had a blast playing together. It was good to have a couple of days with familiar faces :). We made a trip to Fayetteville to see our cousins. We got to watch Andy-roo play football! It was fun except for the part where Micah was attacked by fire ants. Yes, attacked. He ended up with about 20 bites, but he was a trooper. Duane similarly experienced an ant attack - on his birthday :(. He was attacked by 3 ants, but you would've thought it was 100. He had a major reaction. It wasn't pretty. I think he's in the market for an epi-pen.
Could she BE any cuter?????

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