Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exciting Announcement!

Our friends, Daniel and Sarah Dubois, have offered us an incredible opportunity to raise funds for our adoption!

They are in the process of adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. As an effort to raise funds for their adoption, they created a line of t-shirts. God blessed this effort and the shirts have been a hit! Through this and several other fundraising efforts, they recently reached their fundraising goal, praise God! I can only imagine that after raising 27,000 dollars, their had to be a small part of them that wanted to rest and be done with it. But they have opted to continue in their fundraising. Now they will be raising funds for other adopting families. Here's the exciting part....they are blessing us with the opportunity to receive all proceeds from the sale of their shirts for the next 4 months! They offer t-shirts, hoodies, kids shirts, onesies, even stationary. We are so excited about this opportunity. God continues to provide what we need to carry out his mission!

The shirts and stationary can be found at They would make great Christmas gifts! While you're there, find out about the Dubois family and their adoption story. Their website has some great resources for anyone adopting or considering adoption. In fact it was one of the sites that we initially referred to for information.

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