Monday, March 08, 2010


Some of the awesome college students we work with are putting on a 5K to raise funds for the adopting families at our church. You can sign up at I'm hoping to run it....we'll see. For some reason I'm waiting until the last minute to sign up. Probably because I've never run 3+ miles in my life. But I'm working on it! I know you can walk it, but I need to run it. I just do. Anyway, if you're in Tuscaloosa, sign up!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny! I'm Jill. I've been reading through your blog a bit lately and love it! My husband and I share some things in common with you and your family. We are Christ followers! We homeschool our 2 boys! My husband is a college minister in Rome, GA (he is technically the deacon in charge of college ministry! :) It's not his full time gig, but we love working with the students there. We actually attended GCG in Jan and had a blast! My husband has taken our group 2 other times, but this was my first year to get to go! It was incredible (as you know)! I also know several people who attend Univ Church!

This 5k thing is a great idea! And what a great cause!!! I'm actually from Northport and will be home that weekend to give my cousin a bridal shower, so my husband and I are going to enter! I began running last June and ran 3 5ks last year. I definitely think you could run/train enough between now and then to be able to complete it running! I just started back running last week in hopes of being in half way decent shape by April 10th! Just google "5K training" and you'll find some possible training schedules if you're interested.

I hope to get to meet you in April! :) Do you know how many people are expected to run/walk?

Take care!