Thursday, July 01, 2010

Back from Blogcation

Oh my, it's been a while. Since I last posted we have been quite busy! We moved into our little apartment a few weeks ago. I often have people ask me, with a hint of pity in their voice, how apartment life is going. My answer to them is that I love it! Most people probably see it as quite a hardship to live with 3 kids in an 1100 square foot apartment, but I say NO WAY DUDE. Having your washer and dryer IN the kitchen has a lot of advantages. Plus, it only takes me 15 seconds to mop my kitchen floor. (The kitchen is a little smallish, but you can't have it all, right!) The phrase "less is more" has taken on all new meaning for me. My kids don't miss a single toy that they have in storage. And they still don't play with half of the ones we brought to the apartment. We always joked in our big house that it didn't matter how much space we had, we all ended up in the same room most of the time anyway (this joke was usually made when we were annoyed that we couldn't seem to get 5 minutes away from the kids to have a conversation). But it's so true. We haven't missed the space one bit. Of course half of our stuff is in storage. Which can only lead me to one obvious conclusion. We Americans think we need big houses to comfortably hold all of our people. But in reality, we need them to hold all of our stuff. Half of which we wouldn't miss if we never saw it again. Just a thought I can't seem to get out of my head. I guess that was a really long, too many details way of saying that apartment living is going quite well!

Noah is on the swim team and Micah is taking lessons, so that has occupied nearly every one of our mornings this summer. Add in sports camp, dinners with college students, beach trips, swim meets, house plans, dossier, etc. and I'm starting to think we will finally get some rest when summer is OVER! Isn't that backwards??

Update on the kids: Sophia is carrying on full conversations and developing a little bit of an attitude. Micah has learned to swim this summer and officially seems like a big kid, rather than my baby boy. Noah is really growing up. One of my favorite sounds in our house right now is listening to him reading books to his little brother and sister. Don't get me wrong, there are some less pleasant sounds that go along with his new grown up self too, but let's just be honest and admit that we like to paint a pretty picture on our blogs :).

We have a contract on land and are finalizing house plans, hoping to begin construction across from West Circle very soon. And our adoption paperwork is finally in Ethiopia! Now we just wait and continue to raise funds for our travel expenses. These expenses have increased now that they will be requiring us to travel twice instead of once like we were originally told. But that's no big deal for God! We are so excited to be at the this point in the process.

I'll post a random selection of pics from our trip to the beach. We had great weather and minimal tar balls! As always, we are so thankful to mom and dad for arranging this trip where we can spend great time with our family! More pics in my fb album. NaNa, you're just gonna have to get on Facebook :).

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