Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Progress, Setbacks, and the Holy Spirit

Our house in West Circle has come a long way since my last post about it!  We now have siding, doors, porches, plumbing, hvac, and wiring.  Well, we did have wiring.  Two nights ago (before Duane installed the doors) somebody, or somebodies, ripped the wiring right out and helped themselves to it.  And you know what, I don't. even. care.  

Wanna know why?  

Because I have a hard time being upset about stolen wiring or the money that it's gonna take to replace it or the extra time in this apartment because of the amount of time it will set us back.  

Wanna know why?  

Picture this:  It's the evening after we found out about the wiring being stolen.  Our family is sitting at the dinner table.  Sophia says a short prayer and Duane picks up where she leaves off.  My husband then proceeds to pray for the people who stole from us.  And I know what you're thinking, but he didn't pray that God would convict them or even forgive them.  Some really unfortunately misled people might even be imagining that he prayed God would punish them or teach them a lesson or see to it that "justice" is served.  Yikes.  But no.  None of that.  My husband slowly, thoughtfully, sincerely prayed that God would bless them.  He prayed that God would bless them in such a way that they would no longer feel the need to steal from others to have what they need.  I'm terribly ashamed to say that it caught me slightly off guard.  My thoughts weren't going in that direction.  It's not that I was fired up or angry.  I really just wasn't giving it that much thought at all.  

I can tell you that he really meant it and truly desires that God would bless the people who stole from us.  And it's not because I'm married to a saint (although he's pretty dang close).  It is because he knows it's what God wants for them, and my husband is a Spirit-filled follower of Christ.  He takes verses like Matthew 5:44 - But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you - and Luke 6:28 - bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you - seriously.  He believes that when Jesus said you should love and pray for your enemies and those who mistreat you..... he actually wanted us to love and pray for our enemies and those who mistreat us.  So that's what he does.  

How in the world can a girl get worked up over lost wiring, money, or progress when God has given her a man like that to walk through life with?  She can't.  I can't.


evonne6kid said...

awesome Jenny, just awesome. Bless you and Duane. I love you both and your sweet family. You've meant so much to our family, and still do. Just in case Duane misses Evette's projects, mom and I always have some! Ask her about her redneck front porch.

Nathan Capps said...

Very cool. Btw, the house looks great.

Jennifer Olson said...

Thank you Jenny, I really needed that tonight! BTW, we are hoping that our youth group can come help you guys with something soon...Much love to you all!!
Jennifer Olson

sharonsmels said...

Love the line in Raising Helen, "Yeah, I'm a sexy man of God". If only more men would learn how attractive being a spiritual leader in your home is to your wife...hmm hmm hmm.

You are a lucky lady and your husband is a lucky guy. You two have a beautiful family and a beautiful contagious spirit about you. What a wonderful example to your kids during a mealtime prayer. I know you bring the Lord so much joy.

Katie Jane Ball said...

I read this post several weeks ago, and the message has stuck with me. On Friday night, my car was vandalized and, even though my car insurance should cover it completely, it's still a major annoyance and it's rather frustrating to have the three-letter name of a garden tool on your driver side door. ;) Before I really knew how my insurance would handle this, I dared myself to pray the same prayer Duane did. And guess what... it set me free!!! I had been so angry, so annoyed, so frustrated... and as soon as I said that prayer, the peace of God rolled over me. I knew that even if it cost me a million dollars - we would be okay because God would provide. Maybe this whole "bless-your-enemies" thing isn't as bad as we thought...