Friday, May 25, 2012

2 less

Look at this sweet family!  

 Stephen and Susan have been blessed with 6 beautiful daughters and now they are saying YES and opening their hearts and arms to 2 beautiful children in Haiti who are no doubt longing to be a part of a wonderful family like this.  I bet those 2 children are gonna have 7 mamas :)!  Please consider making a small donation to help them bring their children home.  They need to raise $2000 by June 20th.  Anybody who has walked this journey knows that those big numbers become just numbers.  Please consider letting yourself be used to help them reach this goal. You will get a chance to win a Kindle Fire, but really I just want you to help them because you can't wait to see 2 precious haitian children in their next family photo!  The link below will take you to their fundraiser and their blog so you can learn more about their adoption journey.  I'm so excited to see 2 more precious children become a part of a family forever and a part of our community!

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