Thursday, July 26, 2012

Here We Go!

We will leave here in about an hour for the Birmingham Airport!  Please be in prayer for our trip to Zambia.  I'm very sad to be leaving my kids for so long, but trusting that the time away will be fruitful and will prepare me to be a better mom when I return.  We probably won't be able to blog on the trip, but I'll update everyone when we get back!  Thanks to everyone who is making this possible by helping with kids, finances, responsibilities, prayer, etc...   We are blessed to have so many people to love and support us!  Peace!


Boysnberries' Brambles said...

Been praying for you and Duane, Jenny! Excited to hear what the Lord has for you beyond today.~ Bethany M

Boysnberries' Brambles said...

Excited to hear about what the Lord has for you beyond these moments!
~Bethany M