Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That's my boy!

We had a make up soccer game last night. Some of Noah's friends - Rhett, Paul, and Kathleen - came to watch and we went to kid's night at Chick-fil-A after the game. We had a great time and Noah did so well in his game. He played goalie, and I don't think he was scored on. He's scored 2 or 3 goals each game so far this season. He has really started getting into it and playing hard. We, ofcourse, would be the beaming proud parents on the sideline. He makes us proud in so many ways, soccer being only one of the more insignificant ones actually. Here a couple of clips of him in action!

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Holly said...

SCORE!!! What great videos! Wow, Noah is the man! I like how after he scores he just runs off like it's no big deal! He's come a long way from picking the daisy's to scoring machine!!!

MOM said...

He is awesome!!! O.K.!, I have turned 3 flips and have done 30 Jumping Jacks so far and now I owe him 5 servings of chocolate chip waffles, pancakes and french toast. Ask him what is next? Maybe a very special trip to Maggie Moo's! How about a scoop per goal. It won't hurt him to try to eat that much ice cream one time!

Tara said...

This from the lady who thinks I am compromising my unborn baby's health if I eat a pop tart and drink and coke! Noah is the soccer bomb! Now your only job is going to be keeping him from getting arrogant!

Celeste said...

He obviously got his athleticism (i don't know if that is a word) from his dad!