Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a bunch of monkeys

Today we had our first ever visit to the Nashville Zoo. Noah and Micah were excited to be able to spend the day with their cousins Andy, David, Micheal, and Ty. They were the craziest monkeys there!

Noah is not a huge animal person (he comes by that honest), so he was satisfied to take a quick glance at each animal and move on to what he considered to be more important stops. He was mostly concerned about food, the playground, and the gift shop. Every five minutes he was asking me about one of them. I definitely saw a part of myself in him that I am sorry to have passed on. I realized while watching him that I do the very thing I was getting frustrated with him for doing. He was so worried about when we would eat, shop, and play he couldn't enjoy where we were at the moment. We were at the ZOO for crying out loud, and he didn't even care to stop and see the animals. We're talking cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and monkeys! I have been so guilty lately of focusing so much on what's coming up in our schedule and what needs to be accomplished that I rarely take time to enjoy the moment I am in. It makes me sad to think about how many opportunities I have missed as a result of that attitude. When did everything I do become a means to and end, rather than just an experience?? I want to do better about that and hopefully in the process it will rub off on my poor little offspring.

Micah had a good time and showed more excitement about the animals. He's really just started noticing animals, so it was a perfect time to take him.

Tara had her first doctor's appointment and ultrasound today. We are praising God that she was told everything looked great and the baby looked just perfect. I even got to see a picture of the little peanut!

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Tara said...

Wow, Ty and Micah look a lot alike in those pictures. We had a blast! Don't worry, you have passed on much more good to Noah than bad! Love you!

Holly said...

Lucas and Micah have wonderful taste. Both have the Thunder Athletics shirt from Target!! Score! Cute pictures!

Celeste said...

What a fun day! We love spending time with you guys!