Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat

This year we spent Halloween in Kingston Springs. The boys had a great time trick or treating around mom and dad's neighborhood. I am officially declaring it the trick or treating meca of cheatham county. I have never seen so many kids! There were some houses where kids were actually standing in line to get to the front door! Noah is sporting the Peter from Narnia look and Micah is an adorable little Roo. He was coordinating with his cousin Ty who was a sweet little honey pot. (Noah refused to be Pooh). Much candy was collected by all. I don't know who will eat Micah's??? :)


Holly said...

Too cute! Love the costumes. Sorry we didn't make it out there to trick or treat with you! Mom and dad loved their note, I am assuming from Brian. They were at the funeral home on Halloween (how creepy) and Bob and Grandma don't do trick or treaters!! ;-)

CNS said...

It wasn't that long ago when Noah could barely control his head while wearing his Olie costume. He looks so mature (the sword helps).

Roo is my favorite Pooh character and that costume is a perfect fit for that cutie Micah.