Monday, January 08, 2007

Chinese New Year

Well, it's been a fast and furious beginning to 2007. New Year's Eve wasn't exactly rockin' at the Dixon house, but we celebrated our own Chinese New Year with take-out.
Duane and Noah "made an appearance" at a party while I spent some welcomed time at home with Micah - sleeping. New Years Day Duane and I hit the road to Atlanta for the Passion conference while mom and dad kept the boys. Thank you, Thank you mom and dad. The conference was great! 24,000 college students came to praise God. Just seeing it was awesome. We came home on Thursday to a sick Micah, and Duane and Noah came down with it on Friday night. We won't go into details, but it was not a pretty virus.
I did not get it, PRAISE GOD! As soon as I realized that Noah and Duane were both sick, I started praying. Somebody had to keep up with the recovered Micah!! Duane is well and Noah is now battling a cold, so he is still a bit under the weather. He was well enough to get started back with homeschooling today though. We are praying everyone will be well on Wednesday when we are supposed to leave for Panama City. Duane is leading a board of people who are putting on another conference for college students, The Gulf Coast Getaway. We will return from that on Monday and then I am desperately hoping for some normalcy in our schedule! (i'm not however holding my breath, for I am married to Duane) Happy New Year to all of you!



Tara said...

That picture of Noah and Duane on the couch is classic. I can almost hear the whining from here :)! I'm glad the Dixons are bouncing back. We seem to have escaped the ills of the Forrest family "virus", which I think is a form of the flu, ourselves thank the Lord. Love you mucho!

Laura said...

I will be praying for safe travels to and from the Getaway (I will feel bad if you have been and are already back).

I hope to see you before #3 gets here.

By the way, your scrapbook pages are awesome. I was unable to leave a post there. Just wanted you to know that they look GREAT!