Thursday, January 25, 2007

Micah's first haircut!

Due to the frequent confusion by strangers over whether or not Micah was male or female, we made the decision that it was time for a haircut. For the last several months he has had these beautiful curls that made the decision a tough one to make, but it's definitely more important that he know he is a dude. Of course, during the haircut, the leopard print cape didn't help that situation. However, despite the totally embarrasing cape, he did great! NO crying and barely any fidgeting. Wow, so thankful for that. I was wondering who would take pictures since he would be sitting in my lap and Noah's, well, 6. But when we got there our good friends Zach and Sarah just happened to be there. Zach was just finishing up with his haircut, which turned out nicely, and they agreed to stay and take pics. Thanks guys! We kept some of the curls, but his "i'm so obviously a boy" look improved by about 50 percent. It's a start.


Tara said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it! I can't believe you finally did it! Brian will be so proud. I have to say that the first picture here looks just like Ty to me. I was astonished by the resemblance. I'm sure that Micah looks adorable with his new haircut, although it would be hard for him to get any cuter!!! Love you!

Holly said...

Love the cheetah print! Beautiful darling, beautiful! So, what's the deal, you just teasing us, where is the finished product??? Not all of live in Cookeville and get to see the little guy, we need to see and after picture! Love you, Holly