Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 4th

I know this is a little late for a July 4th post, but better late than never? We had a fun day with our grandparents and cousins. Noah decorated his bike for mom and dad's neighborhood bike parade. It was going to be much more impressive decorating, but the balloon popped and the flag wouldn't attach to the bike. Oh well, it was still exciting watching him showcase his newly aquired skill. We celebrated uncle Brian's 30th birthday with some good burgers and melted ice cream cake. Micah was asleep before the fireworks, but the rest of us enjoyed them. A good 4th for the Dixon family!

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Holly said...

My family was watching the big bike parade when I felt someone staring at me and I noticed Noah was in the mix so we all started cheering for him! He was so cute! Got to see Du and Jason Allison as well, they were on a mission so didn't stop to talk. Too bad your pregnant booty didn't walk around the block. Can't believe we were so close yet so far away! Micah looks huge on the tricycle! We got a new swing set, check out our blog, Noah and Micah need to come play!