Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beds, Rhino Mugs, and Moustaches

Along with baby Sophia will come some bed shifting in the Dixon house. And apparently, it's about time. A few days ago I put Micah in his bed for a "time out", probably for hitting, and returned to find him doing this:

When I walked into the room he said "horsey" and flashed me that grin. So, it's a good thing that Duane and Carson finished the bunkbeds that the boys will be sleeping in. They built them totally themselves and they are awesome. The top rail and the ladder are still in the works, so Noah is sleeping on the bottom right now and we are taking our chances by leaving Micah in the crib!

Our friend Holly, who is an art teacher, came over and worked with clay with Noah a couple of days ago. He loved it and created a really cool rhino mug :)! Let me just say the picture doesn't do it justice :).

And just for fun.........


CNS said...

I love that picture and story of Micah riding the horsey. He looks very big-boy in all the pictures.

Awesome mug, Noah!

And way to go Duane and Carson! Must be nice to have your own Rooms to Go in-house. Can't wait to hear stories when Micah moves to the bottom bunk :).

Tara said...

Hilarious! Love the stach.

Laura said...

I have been looking for bunk beds.... Would Duane and Carson want to make another set? There is a hint of seriousness in that question.

I do love the mustaches!

Tell Noah he could begin his own business making mugs and then selling them to places like Poet's.