Thursday, August 23, 2007


Well, I must admit I wondered if Blogger would've shut down my account due to inactivity, but to my delight I still have access :). That means I can TRY to do give you a short fill in on the last month for our family. Noah and I are plugging away at school. We started at the end of July and so far everything is going pretty well. His reading is improving and he is doing very well in math. We are having fun reading a lot about other cultures and I think I am learning just as much as he is.

Micah, well, let's just say keeping him alive is our main goal at this point. But, even though he frequently ingests things not meant to be ingested, climbs on everything in our house like an ape, pees on carpet and in air conditioning vents, etc. (and that is a LOADED etc.), he is still just the cutest thing ever. He is talking like crazy. We're pretty sure he's a genius :).

Duane is officially a licensed general contractor and is staying busy with his first 3 projects, two large additions and 1 new house. He continues to amaze me with how well he handles all of his responsibilities so well and is an amazing husband and father all at the same time. The boys and I thank God for blessing us with him as our "daddy".

I am counting down the weeks until our baby girl arrives. 8 weeks left! We are excited to see her sweet face. I do have my moments where I wonder how I will manage to keep her AND Micah alive. But then I remember that the only way I can do anything right in my job as a mother is by the grace of God, and that gives me peace. Atleast until Micah eats the toothpaste again. Then I'll probably have to go through the whole process of remembering that comforting fact again.

Here are a few pics of some of our summer activities!


Tara said...

Micah and Noah might have to come stay with their aunt Tara for a few days after that sweet girl is born! I'll put a lock on the toothpaste drawer!

Laura said...

Referring to Tara's comment- you may have to cover up your vents also!

That pic of Micah is too cute! I think you just make up stories about him. ha!