Sunday, May 11, 2008

Firsts and Lasts

This post is from my neice Ansley's first birthday and some "lasts" we've experienced the past couple of weeks.

We had a great time celebrating with Ansley last weekend. The Petty's know how to throw a party. Brian grilled up some scrumptious burgers and we just let the kids play and have a good time. I warn you - all of my pics are of the babies. Sorry big kids.

We also had our last day of Community Bible Study, our last day of Friday school and music performance, and our last Soccer game and cookout. It's amazing how the timing couldn't be any better for our move. Noah will have "closure" in all of his favorite activities and not have to leave anything in the middle of the year. God's timing is perfect!

Here's a video of Noah quoting his memory verse at CBS.

I will have to include some footage from the music performance later. They are on my other camera.


Tara said...

Yeah Noah! That is so awesome! Love the pics. Sophia was hammin' it up at the birthday party. She's like enjoy your party now Ansley cause my day is coming soon! Love you!

Linda said...
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CNS said...

Do we really have to discuss finales?