Monday, December 01, 2008


Many of you have already seen these pictures on facebook, but I wanted to post some on my blog for the few people left in America who aren't on there :). There are too many to post all at once, so I'm gonna "feature" a different person each day! sweet baby girl (with a couple of guest appearances by me :). The pictures were taken by a VERY talented lady in our campus ministry. Her name is Bethany Odom.


candice said...

Sweet,sweet doll.

Sarah Ezell said...

I love it! What a sweetie! We loved seeing you guys last week.

h.denise said...

OMG what great pictures of the sheer joy of this beautiful child. Thanks for putting them on the blog for us poor old folks who are not on facepage. Keep them coming.
Love to all.

debbieinnashville said...

Jenny-She is absolutely beautiful. These pics are amazing!