Monday, December 01, 2008


We had a great weekend in Tennessee celebrating Thanksgiving with LOTS of family! I think we had over 50 people at Mom and Dad's on Thursday. The kids had a great time with cousins and we always love being able to see everyone.

little eskimo - it's cold in tennessee! the temperature rose 10 degrees on our car thermometer on the way back home.

dad went all "clark" on us this year and rented a lift from Brian to put up his christmas lights. mom was panicking a bit, but in the end i think they were very tastefully done :). and grandy gained some cool points with the boys!

she looks so innocent, doesn't she??

ahhh. after an hour of anything but peace on the way home, this was an occasion for praise! we got home around 11:00 Saturday night and have been running ever since. i think i need to go to bed :)!

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candice said...

I love the picture of them asleep in the car. It has me so excited for our 13 hour journey with 4 at Christmas :).