Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Christmas We....

received gift cards to Yogurt Mountain in our stockings,

took lots of pictures,

loved on each other a little bit,
took part in some real male bonding,
put on fashion shows,

goofed off,
celebrated with family,
got another gun from Sarah....Sarah, this is three guns in a row. I will repay you when Bennett gets a little older!
found a few gifts under the tree,

had a dozen plain doughnuts magically changed to assorted Christmas doughnuts by Elfie!
painted ornaments galore,

baked Christmas cookies...and ate a few

needlessly prepared for snow :),

woke to find that Elfie had decorated the tree with underwear.... he also rolled Noah's room with toilet paper one night and did lots of other CRAZY things! None of the others were caught on camera unfortunately.

2009 has been rich in blessings for our family. We began to feel at home in Tuscaloosa and are so thankful for the many relationships God has blessed us with here. We answered God's call to add Selah Evette to our family and have been overwhelmed by the support we've received. We watched our children turn 2, 4, and 9! We had full stomachs, clean water, and warm beds every day. We had opportunities to grow and learn. We had the peace of God's grace and love. We praise Him for our year and ask Him to guide us in 2010!


Holly said...

Your kids look so grown up! When did THAT happen?!

h.denise said...

Jenny, loved the Christmas pictures and thought about why you would write about not being the perfect mother???? Look at those pictures, you let them make ornaments, bake cookies, and those three smiling faces in each and every picture tell a story of a very happy family.