Friday, July 08, 2011

we're baaaack!

After a shorter than expected wait, we received the call on Monday morning, June 27th, that we had been cleared by the US Embassy to return to Ethiopia and bring our sweet Selah home!  We were elated and began preparing to leave for Ethiopia as soon as possible.  We headed out from Nashville the following Saturday and arrived in Ethiopia bright and early Monday morning.  After dropping our luggage off at the guest house and grabbing some lunch, we headed to the Transition Home to get our girl and welcome her into our arms.... for forever this time.  It was as if she had been waiting for us.  We picked her up and she jumped right into our family with laughs and smiles and cries that seemed as familiar as if she had spent her first 8 months with us.  Within a day, she was crying when I left the room and lighting up when she saw me.  I am her mother.  She knows it in her heart.  I know it in mine.  I've never been more convinced that adoption is a supernatural process.  Here are a couple of pictures from her first bath :).  She had only been with us for a couple of hours.  Look how happy she is!!

And just like that..... I'm a mother of 4!!

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