Wednesday, October 05, 2011

3 month update!

In some ways it feels like Selah can't have been with us for 3 months already!  But then again I can hardly remember her not being a part of our family!  This sweet girl has jumped right into the crazy life of being a Dixon and has never looked back :).  She is growing like a weed (a stinkin' cute weed).  She weighs at least 20 pounds and has nearly mastered walking and moved onto running!  She recently got her first tooth.  She says bye-bye, mama, dada, no-no and happy.  She makes a wide array of hilarious faces, including but not limited to the stink face and the fish face.  She waves and plays peek-a-boo.  She smiles with her entire face and she does a lot of it.  She's a healthy girl with the exception of some respiratory issues.  We often have to do breathing treatments with a nebulizer.  It could be something she will outgrow or it might be asthma.  She is a great sleeper and she is a girl who knows what she wants :).  She's into everything and has the greatest laugh your ears have ever heard!  She. is. beautiful.

Has adding a fourth child to the mix been challenging?  Of course.  Have there been lots of adjustments going on around here?  Absolutely.  Are we financially in debt over our adoption?  Um, yes.  Has there been one single moment that I've looked at her precious face and thought of her as anything other than MY daughter?  No.   Has there been one single moment that I would prefer the money or the comfort or the ease over being able to give my sweet girl a name and a home and a family?  Not one.  Does my heart BREAK when I think about her birth mother or when I picture her laying in an alley in Harar as a 4 month old baby?  Right in half.  Does my heart LEAP when it occurs to me that God has given me the incredible honor of being the one to feed her and change her diapers and struggle through breathing treatments and comfort her as the tooth breaks the skin and moisturize her crazy curls and laugh at her silly faces?  Wouldn't your heart leap at that?

Adoption is not easy.  Adoption is not cheap.  Easy and cheap are overrated.  
THIS is where it's at!


Carson said...

We love you guys!!!

April Hollingsworth said...

I love what you've done to your blog!
I didn't know Selah was having similar issues to Seth's. Seth is finally getting used to his breathing treatments.