Monday, October 03, 2011

3 down 3 to go

All 6 Dixons celebrate their birthdays in September and October.  Noah, Micah, and I all turned a year older last month and Duane, Sophia, and Selah are up next!  Here a few more pictures from the boys celebrations:

Every year when I ask Micah what he wants to do for his birthday he says he just wants to go play at the park.  That is Micah.  So, on his actual birthday we went out for Mexican food, picked up a few GiGi's cupcakes and headed to the park!

big brother cole

big sister hannah

a serious game of football!

On the Friday night between the boy's birthdays (they are exactly one week apart), we had a movie night to raise money for the famine in the horn of Africa.  The boys agreed to do this instead of having people bring gifts.  The kids ate too much candy and flavored popcorn while the adults watched football and chatted.  They raised almost $150 dollars and when donated through World Vision it will be multiplied 5 times!

Then, finally, on Noah's actual birthday he requested to stay home and eat his favorite dinner have a cake made by mom :).  It was rainy day, so that worked out just fine!  It's hard to believe that my boys are 11 and 6!  

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Holly said...

But, what did you do for YOUR birthday?