Tuesday, May 22, 2012

lemonade, gardens, and cross eyed bubbles

Saturday morning Noah came running up to me and began begging me to go the store and buy all of the supplies he needed for a lemonade stand.  I quickly shut him down and told him we would have to plan ahead and do it another time.  Well, if you know Noah, he wasn't discouraged by my unwillingness to cooperate.  That just meant he had to explore other options for getting his way.  So, he recruited some friends and they convinced one of the more flexible and supportive mothers in our neighborhood to go buy them the supplies :).  To my defense, because I need one, I did go buy them additional supplies when they ran out!  These kids had a plan.  They knew it was tournament day at the baseball park beside our house and they were determined to capitalize on it.  They decided to give all of their profits to their sweet friend, Riley Dreyfus, who is currently raising money for Bring Love In through her very own organization, Hope for Hearts.  You should definitely click on the links and check out both of these fabulous ministries!  Riley is selling some AMAZING cookies to raise money to help Bring Love In furnish houses that will provide homes for orphans AND widows.  Did I mention that Riley ships her cookies?  And that they are only $10 a dozen?

This was just the beginning.  The kids ended up raising $70 dollars!

Sophia was a loyal customer.

The community garden is looking GOOD!  So far we've eaten squash and cucumbers and I'm anxiously waiting for my green tomatoes to turn a beautiful shade of red.  Mine and Tesney's spot is definitely the most sickly looking little plot, but oh well.  We'll learn as we go :).

Front porch basil!

And finally, this picture was just too funny not to share!

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Jess Bridges said...

I love how you have your basil. i too am waiting for my tomatoes to turn red. How long do you think that will take, feels like they have been green for weeks. That is awesome about the lemonade stand!
Oh and I often need an excuse too. Sometimes overwhelmed with all these little bees all up in my honey, can cause temporary lack of HELLO, GOD USES THEM TOO. :}