Monday, October 29, 2012

selah turns 2 at the zoo!

For Selah's 2nd Birthday celebration we took a trip to the zoo and then came home for gifts and cake!  It's hard to believe this little girl is 2 years old already!  We celebrated with Sophia too since we missed her special day while I was in the hospital :).

Noah took all of the animal shots!  I think we have budding photographer :).

Sophia got to feed the giraffe!

The old "the coke machine ate my arm" pic...  This is what happens when 2 little boys run off with your camera.

I love my boys.

How cute are these two?

Just another monkey at the zoo.

Who taught her the sorority arm pose already?!

Feeding the fish.

Cake baked and decorated by daddy!

Duane thought he would let Selah lick the candle.  She decided she would prefer to eat it.  

It's hard when it's not your birthday.  And yes, that is the universal sign for "loser".

This girl never disappoints on her gift receiving reaction.

Noise makers.  Must have still been a little loopy on my pain meds when I purchased this.

Cole is the kid's big brother but not young enough to be my son!

And so the birthday celebrations come to an end.  It's always a whirlwind, but we're so thankful that we all have been given another year to live and to love each other and the One who continues to give us breath and life!

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