Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I know that the hundreds of you out there who check my blog daily are very disappointed in the little blog-cation I have been on for the past few days. I've gathered these numbers by the enormous response I've had from you in the "comment posting" area of my blog. I'm so jealous when I check my friend Candice's blog and she has like 432 comments on one entry. Give a sister some love for goodness sakes. Anyway, I'll do my best to catch you up briefly. We left on Sunday to spend a few days with Nana and Grandy. My very talented and currently unemployed husband is building them a fabulous new deck. I am always amazed at how he just seems to know how to do everything and by what a hard worker he is. In the meantime, the boys and I have been enjoying some QT with the GP's. Noah has been swimming twice. Once with his girlfriends Brette and Sydney and once with just his Grandy. They are the best of buddies.

I had a lovely evening yesterday. Dad watched both boys and mom took me out to an awesome dinner at Sambuca in Nashville. It was a refreshing break for a worn out mommy of two little boys. We had great food, great music, and best of all - meaningful adult conversation. Leave it to a mom to know just what you need at just the right time!

Micah currently has about 4 bruises on his forehead. He is fearless in his new talents of crawling and cruising. I hope this lack of caution is not a sign of things to come! The bruises do not however affect his level of cuteness. He is just more fun everyday.

Last, but certainly not least, my little sis has joined the world of blogging, so if you want to check out my extremely cute nephew, go to tarafpetty.blogspot.com.


CNS said...

I won't let AK see this post...she would be crushed.

Susan and I met at Poet's today while our kids were VBSing. You were missed.

Looking forward to Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny!
I love reading your blog! I miss getting to see you and your family so this is a great way to keep up with you and watch your kids grow! Keep it up!
Love you

Anonymous said...

I heard about your blog from someone (maybe Kevin Brunger) and thought I should check it out. You have opened my eyes to blogging. I didn't know people really did this! Very cool! I love reading about your family since I can't see you all as much right now!

Anonymous said...

Oh, P.S. that was me...Sarah...Henson. I don't have an identity on this thing.

Sarah said...

Looks like Noah isn't afraid of girls, huh? Love you.

Sarah said...

As in...your favorite cousin Sarah.

Holly said...

Look, now you got a bunch of pity comments cause of your blog! He he! I am obsessed, I check out you and Tara's blog everyday! David told me we can blog on our our website where we have our pictures, so once I figure it out I will join in on the fun!
Love you,

Donna said...

Jenny, if you're in town for awhile, you should call me! I'd love to see you.

p.s. I'm loving your blog! And here's one more comment... ;-)

holly mcneal said...

that is a great story about noah! i hope i have such smart and interesting kids some day! we are missing you guys. i can't believe that another holly has posted on here. i don't run into holly's that often!
holly mcneal

holly mcneal said...

ok so i totally posted on the wrong thing! i was commenting on the pb&j story. clearly, i am no blogger!