Thursday, June 22, 2006

My little post-modern thinker

This past spring I was invited to Community Bible Study by my sweet friend Candice. I knew after my first day that it was something I wanted to be a part of. After only a few weeks it was time for it to end for the summer, leaving me feeling somewhat cheated. I had just gotten into it. So, I was very happy that today we were able to get back together with our core group for a swimming day at the farm. It's such an encouragement to be surrounded by a diverse group of mothers who you know have one very important common mission - to raise children who love and serve the Lord. I'm so thankful that the Lord used Candice to introduce me to CBS and the blessing it has already been to me.

The boys had a great time swimming. Micah was just chillin' most of the time, and actually sleeping for some of it. And I cannot get over what a difference a year has made in Noah's swimming. He was going down the slide, jumping off the diving board and swimming the length of the pool. He figured out how to do forward and back flips underwater. The sense of accomplishment on his face was priceless! If you're wondering about my title, here it is - Noah refused his perfectly good PB&J at the pool because he said it tasted "sour". I didn't make a big deal about it, but on the way home I just said, "Noah, I can't figure out why you thought your sandwich was sour. I had the exact same thing and mine was good." To which he confidently responded in true Noah fashion "Mom, we don't have to think the same. I can think the sandwich is sour, you can think the sandwich is good. I doesn't matter. It's over." Pray for me.


Tara said...

Oh dear, just wait until he's 15! Love you and that little fireball! Glad I have you to give all the good advice down the road!

CNS said...

You could write a book about that kid! I love it!

It was fun watching him swim the other day. He was diggin' every minute of it!