Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Don't be fooled by this blog that I got!

Props to my little sis for the cute name for my blog. Thanks Rara. Convinced by my friend Candice (who once thought it to be dorky), that it was actually a good idea, I decided to enter this world of blogging. So, I'm kicking it off with our trip to the beach last week.

Nana and Grandy (mom and dad) gave us a trip to Seaside, Fla as part of our Christmas gift last year, so it was a much anticipated trip. We stayed in a beautiful, ginormous house with an ocean view. We are definitely spoiled. I think Mom's goal was to see to it that we all gained atleast 10 pounds while we were there. She slaved away cooking delicious meals for us, with the help of her assistant chef - Aunt Karen. The grand finale was a feast of crab legs, shrimp, steak, key lime pie and atleast 100 other things.

We had quite a crew with 6 little boys age 6 and under.

Noah and Micah had a blast with their cousins Ty, Andy, David, and Michael. Noah was swimming like a fish by mid-week. Micah loved the beach and the pool. He would actually take naps under the umbrella at the beach. I wished I could join him. He really nailed down the crawling and pulling up thing while we were there too! Now I feel like I'm spending all day following him around the house trying to keep him from killing himself. He's quite adventurous.

Seaside is a really great place. I realized as we were leaving that I hadn't been in a car one time since we arrived. So many cool things were within walking distance. One night we took all of the boys to see Robin Hood at an outdoor theatre. A wonderful time was had by all and it was a good week to be with family. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am certain that my "The Down Lo From J Lo" was an inspiration to Tara, so I feel I deserve some props for the title myself! ;-) Love the blog and pics. One of my other friends uses this site and I signed up for it and have considered trying it out myself, maybe I will. Love you lots and love the pictures of the boys!

CNS said...

I'm really excited about this! Even though we are around each other, I probably wouldn't have seen all those pictures from your trip or heard about your fine dining :).

I LOVE the first picture of Micah. So many boys...a little different from our family:).

Tara...great title!

Donna said...

I'm so excited that you're a blogger now! Write often so I can keep up with you.