Friday, September 08, 2006

Fall Fun Fest???

It's a (short lived) tradition for us to attend Cookeville's annual Fall Fun Fest with our friends David and Candice Stites and their daughters. I think we had some fun, regardless of the multiple injuries, swarming crowds, and ridiculously loud music placed directly by the childrens play area (aargh). Noah busted his mouth on one of the inflatables. He knocked his top two front teeth really loose, so he might be a snaggle tooth by his birthday. I think Micah just enjoyed the people watching. Noah and Anna Kathryn were really cute together. We actually saw some spontaneous hand holding. We'll say a good time was had by most. I tried out the night shot on my camera, which is why Noah and Anna Kathryn appear to be somewhat supernatural in their picture together. Not of fan of the old "night shot".

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