Friday, September 22, 2006

Noah's Birthday

O.K., I'm a little late on Noah's birthday report. Because he had his party so early, I didn't want his actual birthday to be a total bust, so we tried to make it a special day. After a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, I excused him from homeschool for the day (also a little treat for me!). I also did his chores for him and let him play all day. I tried not to be offended when I offered to make him anything he wanted for dinner and he asked if we could just go to McDonalds. Yeah. So, ofcourse, you know where we had dinner. After a delicious dinner of chicken parts and such, we headed home for Noah's favorite Oreo dessert. He said he had a great birthday. Ah, sweet success.


Tara said...

Great pics! I'm glad he had such a special day. He has a great mommy! He told me he got to play his gameboy as much as he wanted that day. He was pretty pumped!

CNS said...

I noticed you guys chose not to eat inside the play area. Smart move. Even McD's fries can't cover up the smell of dirty feet and hot kid breath!

Holly said...

Not to scare you but Amber's oldest, Bryson, played in the play area and came back in with some other kids' poop on him from the slide! Gag me! Glad he had a special day!