Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Monday we took a trip to Chattanooga to visit the Tennessee Aquarium with 7 of Noah and Micah's cousins. We saw sharks, penguins, fish of course, and some other freaky and amazing looking creatures. The boys had a great time, but Noah was most excited about getting to go home with Andy and spend a few days. So, I am with one child this week. Feels a little strange, but Micah is definitely enjoying the extra attention. And lately, he needs it :), so it comes at a good time.

the crew

the aquarium has a beautiful room full of butterflies that you can walk through. this is micah checking them out. none of them actually showed up in the picture, but i promise they are there!

it was a long day for the little guy.

i think noah liked being outside and playing in the water more than the actual aquarium.

noah and the infamous andy. if you know noah very well, you know ALL about andy too :).

stay tuned tomorrow for the gender of dixon baby #3


Holly said...

I am so excited to find out! Come on little baby She Na Na!

Sarah said...

You guys had your hands full! I want an email or phone call about baby #3 as soon as possible!