Monday, May 14, 2007


We had a fun and busy weekend. Friday morning we took off for the zoo. Diego (from the tv show) was to be there at 11:00, so we busted our rears trying to get there to see the show. Of course we get there and my sweet but fickle 6 year old says, "I don't really even want to see Diego". I figured out later that he really didn't care that much about the animals either. His entire purpose in being there was to get to the end and have ice cream and play on the playground. Hello, could've done that for three dollars in Cookeville! Micah on the other hand loved the animals and we all had a great time together, so it was still worth the trip. After the zoo we visited the newest member of the family and Micah got to hug on his cousin Ansley. We spent the rest of the weekend at mom and dad's doing fun things and celebrating mother's day.

Today Noah and I are trying to get started on what will probably be our last week of school! I say"trying" because by 8:00 I had gotten Micah out of the toilet twice. Once he was filling it up with the laundry - yeah. I also caught him streaking after he decided to remove his diaper and then I pulled Noah's second tooth. Wonder what the rest of the day holds????

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