Monday, May 14, 2007

back blog

Just wanted to share some random pics from the past couple of weeks.

Micah had his first experience playing in the sprinkler. He loved it! Cackled the entire time!

Micah is very into his guitar right now, which he calls his deedle-eee.
Noah finished up his soccer season. He scored at least one goal in every game. He's super excited because next year he moves up to be with the big kids.


CNS said...

It seems like you just started soccer, and now it's over.

I love that you can see how much Micah enjoyed the sprinkler. Happy boy.

Tara said...

Love the deedle-eee picture. Noah is quite the soccer player. Sorry we didn't get to see you more last weekend. Hopefully we will see you soon. Hope Micah stays out of the toilet today. Love you!