Monday, August 25, 2008


Tonight was "carnival night" at UCM. I have no idea how much cotton candy, cookies, popcorn, and hot dogs Micah ate. Let's just say that I was praying he wouldn't throw up on the way home!

They had a blast on the inflatable obstacle course. Micah showed no fear as you might expect.

Pardon the nudity, but that face was too cute not to share.

I was worried they wouldn't like the yard because of the hill :).


Tara said...

I miss them. That video made me want to jump in the car and drive down there! No can do, preschool open house tonight and TCE fish fry tomorrow(insert gagging). Give them kisses for me please.

Anonymous said...

Life is good! I am so glad you are having fun and enjoying Tuscaloosa, but I wish it was in Tennessee!
Love you!