Sunday, September 25, 2011

noah and micah's tennessee birthday

please don't let the word get back to Andy Boykin that they asked for a baseball cake!

my sweet sister and baby wyatt

cousins and the best of friends

silly me forgot to hire the birthday backhoe driver.  thankfully uncle brian had one on the back of his truck.  whew. 

orange moustaches all around!

right after this picture, micah hit a ball into the second story gutter of mom and dad's house.

ok, i know this is totally disgusting but i just can't help it.  it was the hardest i had laughed in a while and for some strange reason i want to remember it.  sorry sister.

i got it!  i got it!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, A. Wow, Noah seems really excited about that book. Was there cash inside or is he just really mature? And, B, I didn't see rocket at first, but now I am laughing my head off. Thanks for the update. ~Sarah H