Wednesday, August 02, 2006


After being chastised for not blogging recently I thought I would give everybody a quick update. My lack of blogging is due to the fact that my digital camera has called it quits. Since I know that people don't really care what I say, but just want to see cute pictures of my kids, it's been difficult to find the motivation. I guess the most exciting things going on right now are as follows:

Micah is REALLY close to walking. He has actually taken a couple of steps, but usually just finds crawling to be an easier and faster way to get into things he shouldn't. He doesn't like to nap, but he does like to bite. He's working on his 7th tooth and making sure everyone knows how painful it is! He really wants to talk and has managed to get out a few words. He is still the cutest thing EVER and we think he knows it!

Noah has his first loose tooth, which has his mom reeling b/c it brings home the reality that he is entering a whole new stage of childhood. We are going to start our homeschooling (officially) on August 21st. It should be interesting! Noah has an aversion to anything that he knows will teach him something. Of course he does, because it would be too easy if he just had in insatiable thirst for knowledge! Despite the challenges I know I will face with my sweet and stubborn little boy, I am very excited to get started. I've been spending a lot of time lately just trying to get prepared (at least as prepared as I can be).

Duane continues to busily work toward implementing the ministry that he feels God has called him to. Things are going well and moving in a great direction. We can't wait to see how God works and provides over the coming weeks and months.

As for me, I am working under a new way of thinking (or trying to anyway). Through our recent transition I have realized something about myself. I worry WAY too much. I worry I will screw up my kids b/c I'm not a good enough mom. I worry that we won't have an income pretty soon. I worry I will be inadequate at homeschooling. The list goes on and on. But thankfully God helped me realize something that I can't believe I'm just now listening to. I realized that there has not been ONE day in my life (of 10, 536 days!) that God did not give me everything I needed for that day. Duh! Why on earth, when I have a God who has been that faithful, would I feel the need to ever worry about anything?? Sure it's easier said than done to make that reality change my attitude in life, but I know it's where God wants me to be with him - especially now.

peace out my peeps :)


CNS said...

Thank you for that encouragement,g-friend! I SO needed that reminder! And, I personally love to read what you have to say (and I'm not a kiss-up either).

You hide your worry well :).

Tara said...

Jehovah Jirah Baby! (or however you spell that) 7 teeth! I missed 5 and 6! Love you!

Holly said...

Not to put the pressure on you but, I got a new phone, that camera fixed yet! ;-) Just kidding, I love to read your stuff and see your boys so let the chastising continue (by the way, big word baby!!)

CNS said...

Does your "new attitude" include blog maintenance? Almost a week sister! Chop,chop!