Thursday, August 10, 2006

Secret Agent Cowboy

Well, the digital camera is still not back in business, but kroger had free cd's with film developing, so here are a few to catch you up!

This is when we were visiting Duane's parents in VA over the 4th.

Falling asleep in the highchair - no problem! The crib is another story.

Micah's first bubble bath

Noah's first "secret agent cowboy" photo shoot
Noah celebrating his 1st loose tooth!
And this is as small as I could get a picture I didn't want to keep on here. I can't figure out how to delete a picture once it's there. Anybody know??


Holly said...

Hey man, when you edit that blog choose to view the HTML, if you know the name of your picture then you should see it listed there all in funky code. Just highlight the whole thing and delete. You can preview it to make sure you got the right one and if you didn't you can recover the old post. Glad to see some pics!
Love ya,

Kristi said...

I think its pretty clever to leave the mini pic so that we all have to wonder, "Just what was in that picture to make Jenny change her mind about posting it? Hmmm..."