Monday, August 14, 2006

Funnest Womb EVER

Here are some of Micah's 9 month pictures. He turned 11 months yesterday, so these are a little outdated, but they were too cute not to share! The color is better on the originals. I had to scan them and didn't really have time to fix the color.

Quick funny Noah story : Last night in the car he informed me that he could now swing with his eyes closed ( a monumental accomplishment in his opinion). I asked him if that was something he had figured out this weekend while he was staying with his cousins. He said no, that he had known how to do it for a while now. I asked him how long and he said "like 6 years". I said, "So you've known how to do that since before you were born?", fully expecting him to say something like "oh yeah, you're right mom" or anything to acknowledge that it was actually impossible for his claim to be true. Instead, without hesitation, he replied "yeah, didn't you know there was a park in your belly?" It stinks when your 5 year old can out wit you.



Tara said...

A park in your belly??!! You have got to be kidding me! Okay, those pictures are sooooo good! I'm wishing J&A lived here right now. I have got to have a copy of that last one! I will pay whatever you ask! (as long as it isn't over $10 :) Love ya!

Celeste said...

I will be expecting one as well!!

Denise Hardison said...

Loved the pictures and how different he looks in each one. Guess the last one indicated he was done w/the picture taking.Noah is destined to be on TV one of these days he is such a hoot. Beautiful boys and I know they will be wonderful men.
Love Ya

Holly said...

I believe Lucas was enjoying a park in my belly as well! My ribs were his jungle gym and it still feels like he broke the jungle gym! Great pictures! SOOOOOOOO cute! Noah cracks me up!
Love you tons,

CNS said...

I could eat Micah up! LOVE the rolls in the last picture!!!

Kristi said...

I really like that second picture (of course they're all adorable) because it captures something of his personality I haven't noticed before. The little teeth add the perfect touch, too. Tell Noah thanks for entertaining us all so much.