Tuesday, June 07, 2011

May 27th

Our second day in Ethiopia we visited Selah in the morning.  She was so much more relaxed and comfortable with us.  We got to talk with the Dr. who has been taking care of her.  She has no major concerns.  In the afternoon we visited a couple of the orphanages that our agency supports and finds families for their children.  We were able to take our donations and pass out goodies to the kids there.  

One of Selah's many precious nannies.  We are so thankful for these ladies who work so hard to care for our baby while we can't.  They seem to truly love the kids.  

Selah's doctor and nurse. 

I changed Selah's clothes to take some pictures and just couldn't resist a few naked shots :).

This is one of the orphanages that we visited.  The children were having school when we arrived.  They sang us several songs in English.  It was so cute.  Thankfully we were able to walk through knowing that most of the face we were seeing had families that they were waiting for.  Praise God for his plan of adoption!

This was the other orphanage we visited.  This sweet boy was trying to mow the lawn to no avail.  The lady in the background was on her hands and knees cutting the grass... with a knife.  

We ended the day at the Zebra Grill with several other families.

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